Charts of the GBR

AMSA expects all vessels navigating in the GBR and Torres Strait, which are subject to SOLAS Chapter V, and which are relying on paper charts, to carry a complete folio of fully corrected paper charts for the areas visited. In particular, the correct large scale charts should be available such that pilotage is always conducted on the best scale chart available. For ships operating with an approved ECDIS system, the corresponding chart permits and updates should be available.


Vessels navigating inside compulsory pilotage area shall carry on board the following Australian charts:


Outer Route: Great North East Channel

Aus 292 POW Channel & Adolphus Channel

Aus 293 Prince of Wales Channel

Aus 296 Goods Island to Proudfoot Shoal

Aus 377 Bligh Entrance to Eastern Fields

Aus 839 Arden Island to Cairncross Islet

Aus 840 Arden Island to Bramble Cay


Inner Route: Torres Strait to Cairns

Aus 270 Plans in Queensland (sheet 2)

Aus 281 First Three Mile Opening to Cape Direction

Aus 292 POW Channel & Adolphus Channel

Aus 293 Prince of Wales Channel

Aus 296 Goods Island to Proudfoot Shoal

Aus 700 Western Approaches to Torres Strait

Aus 830 Low Isles to Russell Island

Aus 831 Cape Flattery to Low Isles

Aus 832 Barrow Island Point to Cape Flattery

Aus 833 Claremont Island to Barrow Island Point

Aus 834 Cape Weymouth to Claremont Island

Aus 835 Cairncross Islet to Cape Weymouth

Aus 839 Arden Island to Cairncross Islet


Hydrographers Passage

Aus 821 Hydrographers Passage

Aus 823 Percy Island to Mackay

Aus 824 Penrith Island to Whitsunday Island


Vessels intending to employ ECDIS to meet the chart carriage requirements of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Chapter V (i.e. not carrying a full folio of paper charts) must conform to the relevant performance standards of the IMO specified in Resolution A.817(19) including back-up arrangements.

Such vessels must have loaded the official ENCs for the voyage. Official ENCs are those produced by a recognised authority such as a national Hydrographic Office. Commercially produced ENCs may not meet the IMO carriage requirements. Further information can be obtained from AMSA Marine Notice 15/2010 and its associated information sheet.


Pilots will expect Masters and mates of ECDIS vessel (no paper charts) to demonstrate that they can safely operate the equipment.


To print a PDF of charts required please click here – AUS Charts required for GBR Transit

Port Specific Charts

These charts are in addition to any coastal charts required to reach the Port.

Cape Flattery
Aus 270

Aus 262
Aus 263
Aus 264         ** Required if proceeding south of Sugar Terminal

Aus 258

Aus 267

Aus 256
Aus 257

Palm Passage     
Aus 828

Abbot Point
Aus 255

Aus 268

Aus 249
Aus 250

Hay Point    
Aus 249
Aus 250

Port Alma      
Aus 247
Aus 265

Aus 246
Aus 245
Aus 244
Aus 271
Aus 272

Aus 243
Aus 242

Aus 235
Aus 236
Aus 237
Aus 238         ** Required upriver of Lytton Cutting

Aus 208
Aus 207

Sydney Harbour    
Aus 197
Aus 200
Aus 201
Aus 202
Aus 203         *Required upriver of Harbour Bridge

Port Botany     
Aus 197
Aus 198
Aus 199
Aus 196

Pt Kembla   
Aus 195
Aus 194